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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 1, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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genie: around the world, i'm genie godula. views are today's main story spirit hungary restarts real traffic in budapest but refuses protestingy migrants outside back in. this after thousands boarded trains for austria and germany monday despite not having visas. a second foreign man is arrested , linked to last month's deadly bombing at a shrine in bangkok. the motive for the blast that killed 20 is still unknown. new satellite pictures of syria confirm that the asian temple of bel in palmyra has been destroyed by the islamic state group.
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thiscoming up for you hour, more worries over china's economy slowing down. a film festival in nairobi is trying to challenge perceptions of shanty towns and slums. that and more on the way, but first the news. genie: first, hungary is slowly restarting all rail traffic from its main terminal in budapest. earlier today it shut the station, clearing it of migrants who were trying to or trains for austria and germany. many of those migrants are protesting outside. german chancellor angela merkel has spoken out on the migrant eusis or it she says all
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countries need to share responsibilities from refugees seeking asylum. she met with the spanish prime , and europe'srlin migration crisis was that the top of the agenda. the spanish leader called the crisis europe's greatest challenge in coming years, but let's listen to what the german chancellor had to say. we agree that a uniform european asylum policy must be enforced. we agree that through the european commission, safe countries of origin should be defined and that registration centers need to be established in italy and greece, and those who do not have the right of residence should be returned to their home countries. we also agree that those who have been persecuted who are refuges of war should be allocated evenly in europe, according to the geographic and mike -- and economic capacities of eu states.
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berlin,or more now from let's bring in jessica salt. we heard angela merkel saying refugees should be allocated evenly among eu states. is that a change of stance for her? jessica: no. angela merkel has reiterated several times a fair distribution of migrants between eu states according to the size of the eu country and economic strength, saying this will be a fair system. she is well aware that germany has said -- they have a good president and welcoming more asylum-seekers than any other country, and she says that this cannot continue, that germany cannot be the only eu country. she says other countries must step up and do their parts. she says there is a need for registration centers on arrival in europe in order to streamline the asylum process, but she says there is a need for current,
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common european policy on migration. it will have to be reconsidered if countries allow the rush of countries. they are ultimately calling for which she sees to be a fair system, and the spanish prime minister agrees with her this morning. genie: as you said, germany does welcome far more migrants than any other european country. currently it is seen as an el dorado for migrants chanting "germany, germany," in the train station outside budapest. why is germany seen as an el dorado and how do they feel about that? jessica: they are a large company -- they are large country that is politically stable and people arriving in europe know that.
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germany has been more welcoming than any other country to asylum-seekers, and i think this has become public knowledge, and a lot of asylum-seekers are arriving in europe and heading straight to germany. angela merkel rejects the idea that germany's flexible attitude is bottlenecking countries such as hungary and austria as these migrants rush toward germany. she says this is the time for europe to step up and face responsibility together. it must be said that germans on the whole are very proud of their chancellor for setting this president in europe. there is an overwhelming amount of germans across the country who are very well aware of the crisis and the war going on in syria and iraq and they feel that germany has quite a rich country to support these people. angela merkel has spoken out to condemn the right-wing attacks on asylum-seekers in germany.
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but the vast majority of germans i speak to feel that the people should be welcomed here. in aa merkel underlined new dress to the german that germany needs more grants -- in a new address to the german people that germany needs more migrants -- that germany has overcome its own challenges in the past. that germany has suffered its own internal migration after reunification in 1990. that is really the message that angela merkel gave today and also yesterday to the german people, trying to dampen any fears or concerns that the german public may have overwhelmingly, as i said, germans support the initiative. genie: jessica saltz reporting from erlang. to syria -- from berlin. , thencient capital of bel temple has been destroyed.
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a massive explosion was set off near the 2000-year-old temple complex. it has been overrun by the islamic state group. catherine clifford reports. catherine: these satellite site nearw the unesco the temple of bel, showing vast destruction to the 2000-year-old temple in the agency pull of palmyra, -- in the ancient city of palmyra. occupied by isis. there were conflicting reports of its fate as witnesses were unable to approach the site. however, you and satellite analysts said the new image shows the destruction of the temple's main building as well as the role of columns nearby. destructioner the of a smaller temple a week earlier. unesco condemned the instructor -- unesco condemned the
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destruction as a war crime. the islamic state organization has already blown up several unesco sites across its self-declared caliphate in syria and iraq. militants can be seen hacking apart antiquities with sledgehammers in online videos. they saluted -- they are selling relics on the black market. a second foreign man has been arrested in thailand linked to last month's totally bombing at a shrine in bangkok. the motive for the blast that killed 20 and hurt 100 more is still unknown. for more on the story, let's bring in "france 24" correspondent in bangkok. we are hearing that this man is a main suspect, but do we know if he was a person who planted the bomb two weeks ago? >> no, not yet. an investigation is still very unclear, who wasn't charged, who of the suspect in charge
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attack on the military government. do not know if he was a member of the 20 people or so involved in these bombings, or if he is the man, he really looks like very much the sketches that have been drawn that capturecctv the bombing. we do not have much information. all we know is the main suspect very much looks like the sketches. the number one wanted man in tylan. -- in thailand. on the land border between thailand of cambodia today. he is now interrogated in a subsequent place, a military
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compound. but there is, again, some more controversy out of this investigation. just to remind that a lot of contradictions over the last two news -- there is a possibility going out that we do not even know if this man was on the border by the thai troops. sources are now stating that he was in fact apprehended at an airport in cambodia by the army. unclear.ll very the only thing which is important am a today this is indeed the second arrest in 48 hours. it is a breakthrough, and three arrest warrants have been
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given for turkish nationals. what is the feeling like there on the streets of bangkok since this attack two weeks ago? is security much higher? are people afraid? >> the security is very much higher. people were very scared by the level of the intensity of the bombings. it is the worst bombing we have ever had in the city, which has been through a lot of insurrections, violence for the past 10 years. but not at this level, not with apparently foreign involvement. it was extremely deserted in the streets of bangkok. the shrine itself was the target of the bombing. , and arowded like before sense of calm went back into the
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streets with patrols in the streets. for keeping usu up-to-date on the investigation as to who was behind that bombing two weeks ago. u.s. president barack obama is calling for urgent action on climate change. his three-day visit to alaska and the region around it is aimed at showcasing melting glaciers and rising sea levels. first triplude the ever by an american president to an art -- to the arctic circle. president obama: the fact's climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it. -- the fact is climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it. that, ladies and gentlemen, must change. we are not acting fast enough. i have come here today as the leader of the world's largest economy and its second-largest emitter to say that the united states recognizes our role in creating this problem, and we
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embrace our responsibility to help solve it. genie: the u.s. president addressing climate change. next to kenya, where a film festival in nairobi is trying to challenge perceptions of shantytowns and slums. comeowcases movies that from or are about these desperately poor areas. our correspondent has more on the slum film festival. to some of thece most modernized people on the planet, and held in nairobi, .enya, giving a platform now in its fifth year, the festival has attracted international praise. >> one of the things we have done very much this year is to showcase talent or actors from islam who have made it to the international spotlight. >> around a third of the 30 films shown are made by kenyans
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who grew up in the slums. as film tackles issues such exclusion. this director's film is about -- >> sometimes it takes an act of kindness. >> one of the most high profile films being shown this year's by a filmmaker in uganda. he warns against the dangers of new technology. put the movie out on social media, it went viral and people liked it. people told me i never realize lifeuch i missed out on while trying to keep up with social media. >> the slum film festival aims
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to challenge perceptions of shantytowns, showing that these areas can also be hubs of creativity. genie: let's take a look at our headlines. hungary restarts rail traffic in budapest but refuses to let hundreds of angry migrants protesting outside back in. this after thousands ordered trains for austria and germany monday despite not having eu visas. , second foreign man arrested linked to last month's deadly bombing at a shrine in bangkok. the motive for that last that killed 20 people is still unknown. of syriaellite picture confirms that the engine temple of bel in palmyra has indeed been could -- has indeed been destroyed by the islamic state group. stephen carroll, let's start in china, where there is more bad news from china on the economy.
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stephen: and industry is slowing down. -- thels perching official purchasing index showed a slowdown. the second-largest economy through the head of the international monetary fund, christine lagarde, has warned emerging economies they need to pair for a bumpy road ahead with china. joseph stiglitz about this. he said the slowdown is producible. beenh stiglitz: china has the basis of economic growth since the 2008 crisis. butonly the direct effect indirectly through latin america, through africa, where they demand a lot of economies -- of commodities and natural resources. we all expected china's growth to slow down. it was moving from the quantity to quality.
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it needed to reform its growth model to domestically demand driven growth. stephen: you can see the tomorrow on "france 24" at 16:45. 200 people have been singled out by beijing for contributing to the market turmoil. government officials, bankers, and a financial journalist have been accused of spreading false information about the markets. >> pointing the finger at this man for creating panic on the chinese stock market. on monday, he read a confession on state television. the business reporter admitted to spreading falsehoods. times""the financial would confirm to be true. >> i am very sorry for what i have done. i should not have done it just to be sensationalist to grab
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people's attention, because it caused a lot of damage to the country and to investors. in july he wrote an article that said the government wanted to start log -- to stop large-scale spending, something state investors have been doing heavily since june when they began pumping some $200 billion into the market, trying to halt the share price slump rid but the stock downward trend continued, culminating in a nosedive on august 1 a4. the day -- on august 24. since then, the government has ruled out other measures, including punishing nearly 200 people in the anti-rumor campaign. attempts to calm fears have not worked. away has not just gone because we saw an increase recently. the problems with china's economy and the worries continue. beijing could be treading
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into turbulent waters. the arrests of the number of financial -- and a number of financial probes could make investors even more nervous. the shanghaiaw composite closing down at almost 1.33% at the end of the day. falls, too, on the nikkei in tokyo. investors are not pleased that what is happening there. in europe, pretty heavy losses ,idway into the trading day mining companies seeing the biggest false, not connected to china as well, partly down to the just pointing -- to the disappointing surveys in manufacturing. genie: some good news for once from the eu in terms of unemployment. stephen: the jobless rate has
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fallen in the eurozone to below 11% since before 2012. 11.6% than the unemployment rate from a year ago. when you look at individual countries across europe, greece still has the highest rate of unemployment in the european union. 25% of people are out of work there, down from a year ago. spain is a number two, just at 22% unemployment. germany is the lowest in the eu, fewer than 5% of people out of work there. friends -- france is below the eurozone average, slightly down from last year. genie: i am very interested in a list of the most valid reasons for workers to call in sick. stephen: this is according to in which 1000 bosses
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the added -- were asked most valid reasons to call in. the flu was at the top. stress.n, injury, what is not in there -- migraines. only 20% of employers thought a migraine was able reason to call in sick. depression was also not of the top five, but it is interesting , if you want to invent a reason. we would never do that, of course. genie: of course. it is time now for our press review. saying thehave been number one story is the migrant crisis.
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flo: this talks about the chaos today. one angle is getting a lot of attention, the fact that germany has been trying to lead the way in finding a european solution here. "germany is sticking out of the crowd for its generosity, opening up the doors to the syrian refugees." ?hat is going on is this some sort of a trek? -- is this some sort of a trick? after coming across as quite coldhearted during the greek debt crisis, what is happening here is much more important, and essentially angela merkel is acting like a leader, taking responsibility at a historic moment and showing the example. it also comes from someone who knows what it is like to be on the other side of the wall. is alsongela merkel drawing praise from within her own country. flo: that's right.
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by comparing challenges of the refugee crisis to the german unification, the chancellor has hit the right note through this article's headline is that this there the rest of europe, are quite harsh words. another article says that the eu has become a club of egoists, and it quotes the british prime minister, david cameron, who talked about a swarm of migrants, the vocabulary that a leaders are unfortunately, when it comes to this issue, she is quite powerless within the eu. genie: a lot of papers are focusing on unrest in ukraine. yesterday a member of ukraine's national guard was killed in a blast outside the parliament in kiev. flo: that is getting a lot of attention across the world. the front page of "the wall
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street journal" talked about the deadly blast that has rattled kiev. a contentious bill was voted in parliament, which essentially of the economy to regions controlled by separatists, and a lot of papers are focusing on the fact that most of the protesters in front of parliament are from the far right political party, svoboda. you can see it on the independence national section, talking about ukraine's national fury. impressive photo from kiev. a reminder of the violence that took place in kiev a couple of years ago. the ukrainian paper is very critical of the far right's the bothe party today -- the far right svoboda party today. they say they want to defend ukraine but actually they are enemies from within. those are pretty harsh terms used to describe so the bothe --
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to describe svoboda. genie: let's come back to france for a huge story here today. summer is now officially over. today it is back to school for some 12 million french kids. right, a pretty dreaded word if you are a student. you can get all the information here. perhaps the most important detail is the school holiday, so you can plan your next school holiday. lots of papers are focusing on this in particular because it is the last one under the current school program. the government has pushed through a series of controversial school reforms. it is the last for the excellency programs. starting in 2016 there will be changes. kids are not going to learn as much ancient greek and latin.
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critical of these changes, saying the government wants to being -- to bring more quality reform. the editorial says here. w8รบรบ
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